***Important*** Comments on the DEIS are due on April 20, 2023. Make sure your voice is heard, get those submitted today!

What is the Lava Ridge Project?

The Lava Ridge Wind Project is a proposed wind farm from MVE (Magic Valley Energy). The original project proposes 400 turbines across 75,000 acres of public land. The majority of the turbines would stand over twice as tall as the state of liberty—with the tallest towers standing about 740 feet tall. They would occupy land in Jerome, Lincoln, and Minidoka Counties. It would be contain the largest wind towers in the world and be the biggest wind farm in the nation. The energy generated by the turbines would not benefit Idaho residents; would instead be shipped to California. Idaho residents would be negatively impacted in many ways. (refer to the links below to learn more about how Idahoans will be affected)

Impacts on OUR Community

  • Grazing
  • Farming
  • Aviation
  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Communication
  • Water
  • Roads & Traffic
  • Post-Construction & Decommissioning Land Rehab
  • Health Concerns
  • Ground Temperature Change
  • Hunting
  • Wildlife
  • Recreation
  • Historical & Cultural Sites
  • Scenic Landscape

There are many sources in online to find out information on the Lava Ridge Project. When reading these sources please consider the group that is responsible for their creation and their intended audencies. All sites (including this one) contain biases and others opinions. The Stop Lava Ridge group recommends that you read the official project documents, and other official documents. These sources contain true information free from opinions. It is also important to note that the proposed turbines would be taller than any turbine ever built on land. With that being said the effects both positive and negative can only be guessed at because it has never been tested.

Helpful Links

Official DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Study)
Official Document Released by Gov. Little’s Office

Official Magic Valley Energy Plan of Development

Minidoka National Historic Site Named One of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places: Due to Proposed Wind Project

Where Does the Power Go?

Large Wind Farm Concerns Idaho Ranchers and Farmers

BLM Seeks Public Input On Proposed South-Central Idaho Wind Project

‘It would destroy that area’: Group speaks out against Lava Ridge Wind Project: Effects of The Project, and Breakdown of Alternative Options

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