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Please use you own words and ideas for Substantive Comments. Here are examples of a Substantive Comments below to LS Power and the Bureau of Land Management and to public officials. Please do not use these examples for your comments. It doesn’t have to a long comment. State you’re concern and a reference if possible. If you need help with Lava Ridge Wind Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement references please contact us at:


For some reason the BLM has failed many times to mention Option A. The Maps options, RAC meetings, Sub RAC meetings and presentations I have attended have failed to show Option A, No Build Option on their maps. This Opton A is only mentioned in our comment periods. The Friends of Minidoka, Shoshone Bannock Tribes and the grassroots group Stop Lava Ridge has recently brought this to the BLM’s attention.
As Part of the NEPA process the BLM has to work with the communities and Local Governments.  
So far the Commissioners of Jerome, Minidoka, Lincoln, Gooding, Twin Falls, and Camas Counties have signed Resolutions against Lava Ridge Wind Turbine Project.  We have approached Blaine County Commissioners to also sign a resolution against Lava Ridge Wind Turbine Project.
We need our State Government to stand up against Lava Ridge. We do not want our States Endowment Lands in Lava Ridge. The gentrification of Rural Idaho and its underserved populations is a violation of our way of life.


In The Noise Technical Report for the Lava Ridge Project the draft EIS does not have information of the affects of Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) infrasound on wildlife or humans. The executive Summary, Abbreviations,  3. Noise Fundamentals and in 3.1 Definitions of Acoustical Terms: Infrasound and ELF is not mentioned.  
Also the cumulative noise on Table 6.  is cut off on pages 10,11& 12. The cumulative affect is very important. 
Low frequency inaudible infrasound travels long distances especially when combined from several sources
I am not in favor of the Lava Ridge Wind Turbine Project.
Choose Alternative A
A Concerned Citizen. 


Magic Valley Energy/ LS Power does not have an approval from the FAA. 

Form 7460-1 for ASN 2022-WTW-4666-OE. This application states Burley, Joslin Field and the Jerome airports will be negatively affected. Also the small landing strips will be affected like in Dietrich, Laidlaw and other private strips. This project will affect Gooding Airport to indirectly by loss of crop dusting services.  These airports are critical for Air Support Emergency services.  If Hailey Airport needs an airport for an emergency landing this project will increase the risks and possibly loss of an instrument landing.

Also the wind turbine placements are next to the Gooding Milner Canal, and are very close to Dairies.  A couple of the turbines are inside the ground water recharge area and up top Kimama Butte. 

This application is fishing for criteria and a waste of FAA’s time.  

 On page 15 from the public letter from the FAA:


Section 77.17(a)(1): A height more than 499 Above Ground Level (AGL). The proposals exceed this standard by 161 ft.

Section 77.17(a)(3): A height that increases a minimum instrument flight altitude within a terminal area (TERPS criteria).

Open Link to see full document response:

I have entered each of the Longitudes and Latitudes in Google Earth.  The placement of these towers are very close to seasonal wetlands and watering areas that will increase the loss of wildlife.

The transmission line towers will congest this area even more. They also will need an FAA permit application. 

Even if they shorten the wind turbines on this site for a commercial scale wind turbine the project should not be allowed. Option A is the only option. 

Stop Lava Ridge


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