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Federal Contacts


The preferred way to comment is through the BLM’s explaining project site

Click on the “Participate Now” button to the right of the document link. Enter your comment and information, then click “Submit.”

Karen Kelleher/State Director 208-373-4001

Lava Ridge Project Manager Kasey Prestwich

Deliver by hand or mail to:

Lava Ridge Wind Project EIS
Kasey Prestwich, Project Manager, BLM Shoshone Field Office
400 West F Street
Shoshone, ID 83352

MJ Byrne

Julie Clark

Sen. Mike Crapo – Samantha Marshall:

Sen. James Risch – Mike Mathews:

Rep. Mike Simpson – Linda Culver:

Northern Idaho
Rep. Russ Fulcher – Dirk Mendive

State Contacts

Please send a cc to

Governor Brad Little 208-334-2100

State Capital
Office of the Governor PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720

Attorney General Raul Labrador


Glenneda Zuiderveld (District 24) Twin Falls

Linda Wright Hartgen (District 25) Twin Falls

Ron Taylor (District 26) Hailey

Kelly Arthur Anthon (District 27) Burley


Rep. Chenele Dixon (District 24A) Kimberly, Idaho

Rep. Steve Miller (District 24B) Fairfield, Idaho

Rep. Lance Clow (District 25A) Twin Falls, Idaho

Rep. Greg L Lanting (District 25B) Twin Falls, Idaho

Rep. Ned Burns (District 26A) Bellevue, Idaho

Rep. Jack Nelsen (District 26B) Jerome, Idaho

Rep. Douglas T Pickett (District 27A) Oakley, Idaho

Rep. Clay Handy (District 27B) Burley, Idaho

County Commissioners

Please send a cc to


Mark Bolduc

Susan Bolton

Ronald Buhler


Ben Crouch

John Crozier

Charles Howell



Nathan Schutte

Rebecca Wood

Joan Rutler


Wayne Schenk

Dan Schaeffer

Jared Orton

Twin Falls

Brent Reinke

Don Hall

Jack Johnson

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